About Team Grand Marlin

Adjacent to our dining room The Grand Marlin Ship's Store stocks high-quality, one-of-a-kind clothing, eye-catching souvenir glassware and other beach-oriented merchandise. Grand Marlin-insignia apparel, Maui Jim sunglasses, and art by renowned marine artist Steve Goione are a small sample of what the dressing room-equipped Ship's Store offers.



The story begins, as many good stories do, with folks spending time on a boat waiting for the fish to bite.

The boat? “The Gulf Rascal.” The Place? The North Drop, the world-renowned marlin fishing grounds north of St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands. The fish they waited for? The Atlantic Blue Marlin. The folks? They were just friends who love the thrill that comes with hooking a big Blue Marlin

The group that would become The Grand Marlin team has been close friends and business associates for decades. They share many passions: boats, big-game fishing, good food and drink and a love of the stress-free lifestyle of the Caribbean.

“How can we tie all these things together and share them with folks back home?” they asked one another.

Out of that simple question was borne The Grand Marlin.